Que es Mueblos

Que es Mueblos? 

Mueblos is an interior design company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The concept was developed in a shared passion for great design and interior decoration. By combining graphic design, handdrawn illustrations, product design and common sense the result is beautiful interior design at obtainable prices. 

The name 'Mueblos' emerged from the spanish words 'MUEbles para los pueBLOS' — which means 'furniture for the people'. 

The secret to why our prices are so low

It is very important for us to keep the exclusivity of Mueblos intact. We don't want our products to become mainstream, so we have decided only to sell our artsy products through our own channels. So by cutting out the middle man we can keep our prices very cost competitive, without compromising the respect for quality and design. 

Our main believe is that great design doesn't have to cost a fortune! 

Los Mueblos Pueblos

Camille Sousa-Sousa / CEO / C@Mueblos.com 

Camille Sousa-Sousa is Mueblos' founder/CEO and functions as the brain behind management, sales, PR, production and marketing. Her background as a junior project manager in advertising, her salesmanship and her work as an artist/illustrator make for the ideal foundation for running an innovative, creative design company. Camille is also the one bringing the Spanish touch to Mueblos. She's a 50/50 danish/spanish cocktail, with half her family originating from Sevilla, Spain. 

Camilla Oshøj Jørgensen / Sales - Shipping - Graphic Designer / info@Mueblos.com

You'll run into Camilla in our office. She'll show you our products or wrap up your orders and make sure they arrive safely at your doorstep. She is also a graphic/digital designer and does a lot of our design stuff. You can always recognize her by her big, contagious smile. Camilla is always ready to take on any tasks and answer any question you might have.